Who creates the data that powers Trounceflow and the insight that follows? Who uses the data for their own analysis, and Trounceflow's insight to support their own work? Who enables Trounceflow to happen, to build, to grow and to continuously improve? Some of these people are our people, and you can see who they are here. But others are not here; our clients, our investors, our supporters. We are grateful to everyone who enables Trounceflow to deliver a service that can be used to advance the frontier of understanding of investor behaviour for private and the public good.


Trounceflow is a code factory; great ideas enter, and great code leaves soon after. Ideas turn into designed products, which are developed, tested and deployed by our largest team - our developers - and then maintained by our data team. Whilst the majority of this process is carried out by our people, we find that many of our best products are the result of the ideas of our clients or our network.

Olga Shedko

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Software QA specialist

Pawel Polewicz

Warsaw, Poland


Andrey Bortnikov

Izhevsk, Russia

Senior Developer

Max Vorobev

Moscow, Russia

Backend Developer

Federico Mie

Rafaela, Argentina

Backend Developer

Oleksii Halushkin

Kremenchuk, Ukraine

Leader, Data Team

Anatolii Halushkin

Kremenchuk, Ukraine

Data Team

Olena Lohunova

Kiev, Ukraine

Data Team

Michał Żukowski

Bialystok, Poland

Senior Developer

Piotr Radaj

Zamosc, Poland

Scrum Master

Akpofure Enughwure


Data Team

Manja Bogicevic

Belgrade, Serbia


Martin Nikolov

Bosilegrad, Serbia


Laura Manukyan

Tiflis, Georgia


Mohammed Tantawy

New Valley Governorate, Egypt


Oyediran Olamide Peter

Benin City, Nigeria


Mololuwa Aduloju

Lagos, Nigeria


Helene Chekanova

Kharkiv, Ukraine



We use what we build; our analysis team takes our data and converts it into insight. Clients use our data and our insight to help get an edge understanding and monetising investor behaviour in emerging markets for private or the public good.

Alex Guskov

Moscow, Russia

Leader, AI Labs Team

Adam Czelling

Budapest, Hungary

Macrofinancial Analysis

Leonardo Quero Virla

Zulia, Venezuela

Macrofinancial Analysis

Caio Martins

Porto, Portugal

Macrofinancial Analysis

Jack Kalewski

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Macrofinancial Analysis


Trounceflow is a bootstrapped startup; when our product was first validated we took that revenue and the seed financing that followed, and we ramped up the quantity and quality of our code factory, and we have kept on an explosive growth trajectory as further clients subscribed and successive financing was taken. We are grateful to our clients for their revenue, our investors for their financing, and our team members who have special responsibility for client experience.

Mike Trounce

London, UK

Mike works directly with our emerging-market focused customers to give them an edge.

Diana (Gheorghiu) Popescu

London, UK

Deputy CEO

Will Hawkes

London, UK

Advisory Board

Vasko Lalkov

Kavadarci, Macedonia

Operations & Operational Research

Where are we?