Who owns Trounceflow?

Trounceflow is a private limited company registered in England. You can get information about Trounceflow at Companies House ( and the most recent Confirmation Statement (15 Sep 2017) showed that almost 75% of the shares are owned by Michael Trounce. Mike originally owned 100% of the shares at incorporation on 9 Sep 2016. The rest of the shares are held by investors who participated in our first and second 'seed' new issuance rounds held during 2017, or who bought shares directly from Mike around the time of the second seed round. The Confirmation Statement is not fully up to date yet (there is a lag), so you can use the following:

Trounceflow's first new issuance was on 1 August 2017. £150,000 was raised through new issuance, by selling 15,000 new shares at £10/share to the following people: James Babbs (4,100); Sean Cornwell (1,500); James Halstead (1,000); Alexis Hombrecher (1,000); Nicolas Luder (1,000); Chloe Mitchell (100); Arjun Nagpal (800); Edward Simons (1,500); Mike Stewart (2,000); Graham Walker (1,000) and an investor who does not wish to be named on this website (1,000). Trounceflow was valued at a pre-money of £850,000 at that time, or £10/share. The issuance increased the number of shares issued from 84,300 to 99,300. There are two unexercised warrants on 700 more shares (taking us to 100,000) held by James Halstead and the investor who does not wish to be named on this website. 

Trounceflow's second new issuance was in November 2017, in two parts. On 13 November 2017 the company raised £64,995 through issuance of 3,714 shares at £17.50/share - sold to Nikos Makris (1,428); James Babbs (1,429); Jenny Striker (571); Valerie Striker (143); Raymond Striker (143). Then on 23 November 2017 - 429 shares at £17.50/share - sold to Tomasz Smilewicz, raising a further £7,507.50 for a total issuance of £72,502.5. Trounceflow was valued at a pre-money of £1,750,000 at that time, or £17.50/share. After these issues the number of outstanding shares increased from 99,300 to 103,443. Adding the 700 of unexercised warrants, that's 104,143 shares. 

Mike personally sold 2,500 of his shares to Charly Cui on 23 August 2017; 750 of his shares to Krishna Kumar on 8 November 2017; 523 of his shares to Francis Quinlan on 4 December 2017, 2,500 of his shares to Exante Date LLP on 1 December 2017 and 500 of his shares to Pradeep Kumar on 8 January 2018. These sales all are at a share price of $20/share. These sales reduced Mike's holding from 84,300 to 77,527.

Major shareholders / Number of shares held / Percentage relative to 104,143

Mike Trounce 77,527 (74.44%)

James Babbs 5,529 (5.31%)

Exante Data 2,500 (2.40%)

Charly Cui 2,500 (2.40%)

Mike Stewart 2,000 (1.92%)

Sean Cornwell 1,500 (1.44%)

Edward Simons 1,500 (1.44%)

Nikos Makris 1,428 (1.37%)



How do I buy or sell shares in Trounceflow?

Contact Mike for details.

Who directs Trounceflow?

Trounceflow's sole, executive director is Mike.  A non-executive director starts on 1 March 2018. Board meetings take place once per month at our Mayfair offices.

Who is the management team?

CEO: Mike Trounce (also CRO, COO)
Chief Technology Officer: Pawel Polewicz
Chief Financial Officer: Sergiy Andriychuk
Chief Relationship Officer: Diana Elena

Trounceflow is represented by

Covington & Burling LLP, of 265 Strand, London and supported by SJD Accountancy. The first year's financial accounts (9 Sep 2016- 30 Sep 2017) have been submitted for approval.


Trounceflow is powered by Python and Django, providing us with both the flexibility and robustness to collect and display our unique data. Our needs for data processing evolve in critical parts of the application. In order to achieve superior performance, we gradually move away from standard ORM-based data processors toward raw SQL implementation.

Our spiders continuously check data sources and trigger parsers which autonomously extract information to update our database and charts.

We use GitHub for tool-assisted inspection of 100% of source code and unit tests (we have a few hundred of those, but their run time is less than 3s!). We iterate over every line patiently, to make sure our code meets our increasing quality standards. We use cloud-based Continous Integration tools for automation of every aspect of development and deployment which humans could forget. We also use Redis, Celery, Bower, DRF, Selenium, scss, JavaScript, jQuery and HighCharts,

The Twelve Factor App methodology inspired our architecture.

We use Heroku to manage and deploy our application code and Postgres databases to manage logs, queues, batch jobs and asynchronous workers.

Amazon S3 lets us store market data without worrying about running out of space.

Users can experience our service either through the cloud or an Excel workbook.


Slack is the place in Trounceflow where we message each other about work (we tend to use Zoom or Skype for videoconferencing).

Jira is our software development tool. 

Hotjar helps us understand our website vistors.

We use Upwork to acquire and manage talent.

Salesforce is our Customer Relationship Management platform, and LinkedIn is our primary lead generation tool. We connect G-Suite (email and calendar) to Salesforce using Cirrus Insights. We also use SendGrid. We raise quotes in Salesforce and we use Breadwinner in Salesforce to raise invoices in...

...Xero, which helps us monitor our historical financial performance, as well as forecast costs, although we have not yet been able to do away with Excel for a component of that. We forecast sales in Salesforce and we visualise our cashflow forecast in Float.

Our business model is subscription-based, but with a relatively low number and high value of subscriptions, we're not yet ready for subscription tools like Zuora or Chargebee, although that may change. 

We pay others using various methods including Barclays Bank, PayPal and Revolut. We accept PayPal.