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I have a dream. It is futuristic, but realistic. It involves a Star Trek chair and a bank of monitors. It would involve tracking the global flow of funds in close to real time (from a Star Trek chair using a bank of monitors), in much the same way as happens with global weather systems and global internet traffic. Its centrepiece would be a global map of financial flows, charting spillovers and correlations.

Bank of England chief economist Andy Haldane


Trounceflow is a friendly data company: we get data and make it human and machine-friendly. We're just getting started, so we're niche, focusing on the kind of data (and tools) about investor behaviour that helps investment professionals make money trading emerging-market (EM) rates & FX.

Some of this data is the kind a macroeconomist would recognise; capital flows and IIP's; data that tells you about the properties of the investments themselves, but we like to work in real-time, not "last quarter". But most of our data is about the properties of the investors, not the investments. A lot of our data is based on what mutual funds are doing, and again, we like to work with almost real-time data.

The best data type is positioning data. It tells you who is long and who is short. But often we have to make do with the second best data: flow data, which is like a 'first-differential' of positioning. Frankly, you need more than just data to get an edge, and helpfully our founder Mike Trounce has "stood on the shoulders of giants" developing analytical frameworks for data-driven monetisation of investor behaviour in his past life as a strategist at JPMorgan amongst other places.

The service - and the investment edge - comes from a mix of forensic science (anyone remember Quincy?), detective work (anyone remember Columbo? - "Just one more thing...") and a healthy dollop of confirmation bias. So, it's positioning - or more often than not, flow - data and it's led by Mike, hence the name Trounceflow.

Who buys it? Hedge funds, real-money, the sell-side and the IFI's. Not everyone wants it - it's a bit like Marmite, you tend to either love it or hate it - and a lot of people who hate it tell us that flows are either a coincident or a lagging indicator of prices. You know what? We agree! (except when we don't).

Anyway, as a startup we are very grateful to our customers that do like it enough to pay for it, and we try and treat them pretty well, by giving them full access to our codebase, our methods, our team - everything, really, including building bespoke stuff like spiders, parsers, and something called a "tool for the local, semi-parametric detection of regime changes in a bivariate time series setting in which regime changes can be defined with respect to a given bivariate mapping (eg. correlation, tracking error) and a kernel weighting parameter that controls the fidelity of the estimator to local changes". Yowch. Bottom line: we like the 'radical transparency' thing and if you have an idea that's in our wheelhouse, we'll have a crack at it.

Who are we?

Adam Czelling

Budapest, Hungary

Data & Analytics

Alex Guskov

Moscow, Russia

Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis

Anatolii Halushkin

Kremenchuk, Ukraine

Data Entry Specialist

Andrey Bortnikov

Izhevsk, Russia

Senior Developer

Anna Walczak

Łódź, Poland

Product Owner

Bojan Ilijoski

Skopje, Macedonia

Text and Sentiment Analysis

Diana Elena

London, UK

Data & Analytics

Federico Mie

Rafaela, Argentina

Jr. Full-Stack Developer

Ionas Pakalnishkis

Minsk, Bielarus

Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis

Joao Sampaio

Teresina, Piauí, Brazil

Senior Developer

Max Vorobev

Moscow, Russia

Backend Developer

Michał Żukowski

Bialystok, Poland

Senior Developer

Mike Trounce

London, UK

Mike works directly with our emerging-market focused customers to give them an edge.

Oleksii Halushkin

Kremenchuk, Ukraine

Data Team Leader

Olena Lohunova

Kiev, Ukraine

Data Entry Specialist

Olga Shedko

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Software QA specialist

Pawel Polewicz

Warsaw, Poland


Piotr Radaj

Zamosc, Poland

Scrum Master

Saurabh Aggarwal

Delhi, India

Data & Analytics

Wojciech Kloc

Tarnobrzeg, Poland

Full-Stack Developer

Where are we?

How we work?

Trounceflow is powered by Python and Django, providing us with both the flexibility and robustness to collect and display our unique data. Our needs for data processing evolve in critical parts of the application. In order to achieve superior performance, we gradually move away from standard ORM-based data processors toward raw SQL implementation.

Our spiders continuously check data sources and trigger parsers which autonomously extract information to update our database and charts.

We use GitHub for tool-assisted inspection of 100% of source code and unit tests (we have a few hundred of those, but their run time is less than 3s!). We iterate over every line patiently, to make sure our code meets our increasing quality standards. We use cloud-based Continous Integration tools for automation of every aspect of development and deployment which humans could forget. We also use Redis, Celery, Bower, DRF, Selenium, scss, JavaScript, jQuery and HighCharts,

The Twelve Factor App methodology inspired our architecture.

We use Heroku to manage and deploy our application code and Postgres databases to manage logs, queues, batch jobs and asynchronous workers.

Amazon S3 lets us store market data without worrying about running out of space.

We've also adopted Slack for the superb team communication it allows, JIRA to manage our constant flurry of projects.

Contact details:

Company number: 10367410

Our address:
Level 1, Devonshire House,
One Mayfair Place
London W1J 8AJ

Call us at: (44) 7887 546080

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